What is Attachment Only Encryption? | Information Security Challenges Series – Ep. 8

(upbeat music) – [Woman] When you send a
sensitive document by e-mail, you want to make sure
it’s protected in transit. Encryption is an effective
tool used to secure it. If the document is intercepted,
it reads as gibberish without it’s decrypting key. But one does not simply
encrypt a document. There are different ways of doing this and a lot depends on customer context. Attachment only encryption
is a non-intrusive way of getting a document
safely to a recipient. A popular method is to
encrypt the entire thing into a secure pdf. The recipient enters a password or key and the message is decrypted. The documents are attached
embedded in the pdf. Once decrypted, they can be downloaded. But for this method to work effectively, the recipient needs an
up-to-date pdf reader like Adobe. Even then sometimes locating the documents can be confusing for the user. Depending on your customer base, this can be a frustrating experience. (upbeat music) Many encryption solutions
now offer pdf serialization. This method of encryption aims to mimic the light
user experience of e-mail coupled with strong complex encryption. And the body of the
e-mail remains the same. The attachments look the same, but with passwords protection
required to open them. In today’s business landscape where the customer
experience is everything, this offers additional
value to your clients. Unlike traditional secure pdf attachments, pdf serialization eliminates the need to hunt around for attachments. Less confusion means less room for error. But it also creates a more
streamline user experience for your customers. No more frustration and
no more misunderstandings. (upbeat music) Attachment only encryption
with pdf serialization has an additional benefit. Your files stay the same and they remain in their native format. And this is good news for your recipients. So instead of needing to
convert or download the file in a different format, it’s right there the way you created it. From Excel spreadsheets to Word documents, you want your recipients to be able to start work immediately. Because in today’s business
world, timing is everything. You don’t want your clients to experience a clunky process or get
confused or frustrated. But you also need to safeguard
your client’s sensitive data. Customer experience
versus customer security, it’s not a conundrum. It’s just good customer service. (upbeat music)