The Best Things Coming To Netflix In April 2020

The turning of the calendar means that Netflix
is clearing its library of old content and bringing in a truckload of fresh additions. The streamer has announced an impressive slate
of movies and television shows that will be new to Netflix throughout April 2020. Among the streamer’s early dump of popular
previously released action titles are several franchise entries, including all four installments
of the classic action hit Lethal Weapon, which shows up April 1st. Once you’ve got your fix of Mel Gibson and
Danny Glover’s spit-fire chemistry, you might want to try your hand at several other action
entries that are classics in their own right. Among them are the ’90s video-game adaptation
Mortal Kombat on the 1st, and, for Quentin Tarantino buffs, his bloody, Academy Award-winning
2013 feature Django Unchained, which arrives on the 25th. You’ll also be able to stream Angel Has Fallen,
the third entry in the so-so Fallen franchise. This installment follows agent Mike Banning,
played by Gerard Butler, after he’s framed for an assassination attempt on the U.S. president. If you’ve seen either of the other two Fallen
movies, you pretty much know what to expect. Look for that on April 4. Despite having several oldies but goodies
populating this month’s list of action and adventure releases, Netflix is clearly banking
on one new film to be its number one streaming hit of spring 2020. That’s the Joe and Anthony Russo-produced,
Chris Hemsworth-led film Extraction, which follows a fearless black market mercenary’s
rescue of an imprisoned crime lord’s son. Look for that to drop on April 24th. The current quarantine may find you more reliant
than normal on your gadgets, something that’s sure to have you questioning your ongoing
relationship with your home’s digital intelligence. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “I don’t know that one, why?” “Because humans are a fragile species who
have no idea what’s coming next.” If the pandemic has you pondering how you
and your tech are going to get along trapped inside your home together for the next few
months, consider watching these films from some of science fiction’s greatest minds. If you haven’t sat down for a Neo binge lately,
you can re-enter the simulation with all three parts of the Wachowskis’ game-changing Matrix
trilogy, or watch Tom Cruise as he attempts to survive a very flawed futuristic crime
technology in the Philip K. Dick-inspired Minority Report. Look for those on the 1st of the month. And despite its lukewarm critical reception,
Battle: Los Angeles’ extraterrestrial invaders might be just the thing you’re looking for. Look for that one on the 27th. Netflix has a solid list of drama titles dropping
this month. For those looking to escape the now for the
good old days, Netflix has a handful of April additions right up your alley. On April 16th, consider distracting yourself
with the likes of Hollywood A-listers Josh Brolin, George Clooney, and Scarlett Johansson
in Hail, Caesar! — the 2016 comedic mystery drama that centers on fixer Eddie Mannix’s
scramble to save kidnapped actor Baird Whitlock and his swords-and-sandals epic from certain
death. “Sure, good… good stuff.” There’s also the music-infused Cadillac Records,
about the turbulent lives of 1940s musicians; or the high-stakes drama Molly’s Game, about
an aspiring Olympian who builds an underground poker empire. Netflix also has a few darker April offerings,
including Robert DeNiro’s wholly unsettling turn as Travis Bickle in the iconic film Taxi
Driver, or Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as the only sometimes unsettling Mark Zuckerberg
in the Facebook origin story The Social Network. All of those drop on the 1st. Though March 19, 2020 marked this year’s spring
solstice, it never really feels like the new season until April 1. That makes it the perfect time to opt for
a movie that brightens — not dampens — your day. These comedy titles coming to Netflix in April
2020 will make the job of cheering yourself up by getting in a good laugh a lot easier. Ed Helms is helping lead the comedic charge
this month — first with his starring role as the uptight dentist Stu in The Hangover,
arriving April 1st, and then with his turn in an all-new Netflix original. Starring opposite Taraji P. Henson in Coffee
& Kareem, Helms plays police officer James Coffee, whose relationship with Vanessa Manning
is being sabotaged by her 12-year-old son Kareem. Things take a turn when the boy and Helms
must team-up to save her. Look for that on the 2nd. In addition to a slew of comedy specials,
there’s a Ryan Reynolds addition to the Netflix library that may or may not win you over — though
it certainly delivers on the same one-of-a-kind comedic charm that made the actor a perfect
fit for Deadpool. “You son of a b—!” “Samantha! You’re here! S—.” Just Friends is a Christmas comedy about a
high school nerd, played by Reynolds, who tries to escape the friend zone of his lifelong
crush and best friend, and you can stream it on the first of the month. For those looking for funnies in a different
comedic medium, stream Chris D’Elia’s newest stand-up comedy special No Pain on April 14th. Spring might signal brighter days ahead, but
that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a darker flick on Netflix. The streamer is offering a decent amount of
sinister fare in April 2020. From deadly siblings, roommates, and neighbors
to clowns and demons, Netflix’s thriller and horror offerings for April are frightfully
fantastic. Start the month with classics that go out
of this world for their chills like Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Or tackle your fears of being replaced with
The Roommate or 2017’s The Killing of a Sacred Deer on April 5th, which follows a cardiovascular
surgeon and his wife after their picture-perfect suburban life is disrupted by a fatherless
teen who inserts himself into their lives. End the month with a brand new Netflix original:
Dangerous Lies, a star-studded mystery thriller starring Riverdale’s Camila Mendes. Look for that on the 30th. Disney, and Pixar have dominated the animation
field for years, while anime has largely remained an offshore import. But with a wide range of highly popular releases
like Voltron: Legendary Defender, She-Ra, Beastars, Castlevania, and Devilman Crybaby,
Netflix is drawing a future where it’s a true competitor in the genres. April 2020 library additions continue Netflix’s
trend of offering subscribers a variety of new and classic anime and animation. The month’s most interesting include the original
series The Midnight Gospel, which follows a so-called “spacecaster” looking for the
meaning of life across the galaxy. That’s touching down on the 20th. There’s also the arrival of the film that
birthed minions mania, Despicable Me, on the 16th, as well as two chapters in the classic
Bleach anime franchise, Bleach: The Assault and Bleach: The Bount. Both of those land on the 21st. Pokémon fans can also check out the third
season of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, subtitled Ultra Legends, on the first of the
month. April showers might see you confined to your
house even if common sense doesn’t, and that means you’ll need much more than a cinematic
distraction. Good thing Netflix has a bunch of binge-worthy
television series hitting the streaming service in April 2020. Rick & Morty fans who haven’t caught one of
showrunner Dan Harmon’s earliest gems, Community, can load up the show when all six seasons
drop at the start of the month. The series follows a group of heartwarming
but oddball community college students who try to survive their non-traditional post-secondary
education — and each other. “This show’s gonna last three weeks.” “Six seasons and a movie!” On the more dramatic side, expect to see new
seasons from the Ricky Gervais grief-centric drama After Life appearing on the 24th. You’ll also be able to catch two new small-screen
originals. First up, on the 15th, is Outer Banks, a young
adult treasure-infused mystery about eight teens who search for one’s missing father
leads to a treasure map and a long-buried secret. The second, Never Have I Ever, arrives on
the 27th and is a coming-of-age drama about a modern first-generation Indian-American
teen. The series comes from the mind and life of
The Office alum Mindy Kaling. While you’re busy social distancing, you really
have no excuse not to get your money’s worth with that Netflix subscription. There’s no worse feeling than opening up the
app on your streaming device of choice to discover that classic flick you were finally
going to watch has departed from the rolls without ceremony. If any of these features are on your Netflix
bucket list, it’s time to get after them with a renewed sense of urgency. On April 29, Nicholas Cage’s family adventure
movie National Treasure is taking a bow. The 2004 feature film from Walt Disney Pictures
was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Cage alongside an all-star cast consisting
of Harvey Keitel, Sean Bean, Justin Bartha, Chris Plummer, and Diane Kruger. Cage plays historian and cryptologist Benjamin
Franklin Gates, a man on a quest to uncover the lost treasure of the American Freemasons. It’s basically The Da Vinci Code for the whole
family, which makes it the perfect bit of escapism to help your clan get through these
troubled times. Then comes the real culling on April 30. At month’s end, Netflix is saying goodbye
to more than 30 classic movies including The Talented Mr. Ripley, True Grit, and Blade
Runner: The Final Cut. Raining or not, you can shed a few tears over
those. “All those moments will be lost in time.” Still putting off that Police Academy marathon
you’ve been planning since before the holidays? Better get to it, because the entire film
series is on its way out at Netflix. Didn’t get your fill of Scorsese’s mobster
schtick from The Irishman? Well, hurry up and stream Goodfellas, because
the 1990 crime story is playing on borrowed time. Both Scream sequels are scheduled to follow
suit, as are other horror classics Rosemary’s Baby, Friday the 13th, and the ’90s witch
romp The Craft. If you haven’t seen Fairuza Balk hamming it
up as a teenage wiccan gone to the dark side, then you haven’t lived. The beginning of spring is usually a time
when most of us turn off the TV, slip out of our soft pants, and squeeze back into some
jeans to venture outside from our winter hibernation. Unfortunately, this spring is going to be
a little… different. But maybe you’re more of a binge-watcher than
a cinephile, so if cannonballing five seasons of premium television is your preferred coping
mechanism, then Netflix has some good news for you in the upcoming weeks. Comparatively few of the streamer’s lauded
television series are heading for the exit in April. Early in the month, Netflix is saying sayonara
to American Odyssey season 1. The 2015 thriller series that originally aired
on NBC was adapted from a U.K. series entitled simply Odyssey. The first and only season stars Anna Friel
and Peter Facinelli as U.S. military personnel embroiled in an international crisis when
a military team on a mission to Mali discovers that an American company has been secretly
funding a violent group of Islamic extremists. If you enjoy shows like Homeland and Jack
Ryan, American Odyssey just may be your cup of tea. Then, mid-month, all five seasons of Lost
Girl are getting, well, lost. The Canadian series began airing on Syfy in
the U.S. beginning in 2012 after originally debuting on Showcase in 2010. It stars Anna Silk as Bo, a bisexual succubus
in the big city. Perfect for fans of Supernatural or The Vampire
Diaries — and with five seasons of demonic content to binge before April 16, you’d better
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