Seri Interior Rendering Untuk Pemula #21 : RENDER SETTING & RENDER ELEMENT

before we do final render, we will need to setting the render setting as we can see there is pass limit and noise level limit if we put pass limit on 30 noise level limit on 5, which mean 5% corona will choose which one faster so it will stop until pass limit 30 even the image still noise or vice versa so we usually choose noise level limit we put pass limit in 0 corona will always do rendering without limitation, until they reach noise level 5% and we will use denoising with corona high quality the amount is 0.65 with 1.0 radius if the value close to 1.0 the result will be blur because it will try to remove the noise with blur next we can check render element there is several element that we can use we usually use this light mix should be here to activate light mix if you didnt see this, we cant use light mix there is also light select i already give a name you can add here we can choose light select and then we can put a name and then we can choose which lamp that we want to control lets say this two lamps that close with the paintings after we select we can pick + in here they will include here same with another IES in lightmix, this two lamp will adjusted together if you want to separate them, then there is should be 6 light select but i think its not necessary next important render element is Mask its for selection in photoshop to control the color and we can also control on each object there is two choice RGB and monochromatic i prefer RGB i select object J buffer ID 1 for red for example i will use red on i open i want to select the cushion only later i select both of them right click object properties i put the ID 1 and for the metal parts i put ID 2 I put ID 2 for G for all bronze material i will put ID 2 all the metal will be on green selection the vase this vase i want to put ID 3 in here i put ID 3 so the selection limited to 3 selection for all the metal in the chair we put on the same id with bronze material we put ID 2 on object properties and for the wood material we can put on ID 3 lets do render after rendering we can save from here save cxr or we also can save from corona frame buffer next video i will explain about corona frame buffer how to change the lighting using lightmix and all the parameter on corona frame buffer