New Warframe Warframe but it’s Better Art Pending

Seven years ago, the Warframe community, but actually it was the Design Council just saying, worked together to create Nova. And it was such a successful endeavour that
now, seven years later, DE decided to repeat the process and make a second community-created
Warframe a reality. And well, since I guess I like DE, I decided
to do my part by making others do their part by making great concept art for the new Warframe. So sit back and takes notes Digital Extremes,
while I present the bountiful harvest of art from the fertile fields of Better Community
Pending trademark. uh I think I talked about it somewhere for an hour or so before
but in short, art stopped being about artistic proficiency a long time ago. Art moved from the canvas to the mind of the
audience. You – or a mouthy con artist – have to fill
in the blanks left by the art piece’s lacking visual quality. Contemporary art is not about details or skill,
it’s about ideas, it’s bold and brave and interpretative. Leonardo da Vinci allegedly said: “Simplicity
is the ultimate sophistication” and so is this piece. It’s plain a simple and a plane. I could probably just leave it at this and
end the video because this Warframe concept is way better than anything the Design Council
will ultimately choose but we have so much more from our skilled resident contemporary
artists. Hm. It looks like we also have a lot of intellectually
complex concept art. I can’t be sure because most of the submissions
didn’t come with a description, as is appropriate for modern concept art, but to me this appears
to be a zombie dog clown themed Warframe. A very unusual and unique mix for sure, even
if we already have a clown Warframe. The description on this one said Introducing
Keith – Don’t worry about him being a little weird, his mother was Hungarian. I think this wasn’t meant for the contest
but I stole it anyways just to be safe. Maybe it’s an operator cosmetic or maybe it’s
the civilian population after being liberated by the Tenno boasting area of effect weaponry
now that self damage has been removed. Maybe it’s Nekros 2. Speaking of Nekros 2, Look at this bad boy. Frost 2. He has a longer horn, larger muscles but less
pecs to make it balanced of course and also spurs to give it a unique flavour. And if you think this one is cool just wait
because there’s also Oberon 2. Which is apparently mostly based on Wisp. I don’t know. I don’t see that. This is one of the less modern pieces so it’s
outside of my area of expertise but the basic Wisp design elements seem to be absent. Ah, more fine art. This here seems to be a shapeshifter Warframe
that can turn into inanimate objects to confuse and ambush its enemies. Very neat concept. I think I like this theme better than something
like glass frame or fast frame or plastic surgery frame. But okay, okay I know a lot of Warframe players are a bit
of concrete thinkers and so perhaps you would appreciate less modern art, more solid designs. Behold. The Umbra Formorian. Doesn’t need formaing but probably takes like
50 forma to build. Same abilities as excalibur only radiant blind
is a fart. Also has its own companion which is very nice. Don’t tell Rahetalius though, he might have
an aneurysm. This one is very topical, Vaccinator. Karen’s worst nightmare. I think it has a stack of tires in place of
its head, maybe that makes him go faster. Cool, cool, but I don’t think this is going
to satisfy the Warframe community. In a game where the developer goes out of
its way to make a high quality ass mesh I don’t think this level of thicc is sufficient. But don’t worry, I shall fix this. I wouldn’t include this in the video but the
thing is holding a quarter of the autism awareness logo and that’s a target audience I am trying
to get into as you could probably tell by my uploads so I am just gonna leave it here. 5 seconds to figure out what this concept
is a concept for. Bridge Frame. Congratulations if you got it. Do 10 push ups if you didn’t. This is a healthy gaming video. Here is a bit more serious submission and
it comes with a lot of text but whereas Bridge Frame was a show of brilliance this is just
a missed opportunity. This is not a wire frame. This is wire frame. Well but I can’t fix everything, if I did,
I could just make this entire video of my own creations and then that would be too intellectually
overwhelming. Maybe challenging is a better word. But still, pretty nice idea, we need more
Warframes to make Volt completely redundant. Ah. This art is more defined than what I would
like but it still speaks to me: when I look at Joergen, I feel like I am looking at the
face of World War 3. A mixture of new technologies and signature
weaponry while the horrors of war remain unchanged throughout the ages. I must also say I am a big fan of the Exalted
Ak-AK-47. While we are at weapons, look at this little
fella. He is a gun that shoots ammunition. At his friends. To resupply them. As in he shoots literal ammunition packs. And has a very fashionable hat and shoes. This one is just wholesome overall. I don’t know how this one got here. I think it was sent by a mistake. It’s just not on the same level, right? If you look at this piece it’s plain, sure,
but you can let your own mind wander and fill in the blanks yourself. It’s a very efficient, very personal and imaginative
way of creating art. This on the other hand – there is no space
for interpretation. It’s too full of art. It’s greedy in a way. It wants all the art to be in the art piece
and not in yourself. Maybe take five percent of this and call it
art like there. Now this is intriguing. Okay seriously, this is good too. In its own way. I guess. Kaktuss I feel, looking at the skillset, could
be a great Warframe for people who join missions and then they go afk in order to leech. This way, they could be actually sort of useful,
just put this in a doorway and you’re set. Could be very innovative if detrimental to
Warframe gameplay. Similarly imaginative, we have yarnfram e. Is a ball of yarn. While I like the idea in theory I wouldn’t
like this being added because you know we don’t to arm space cats with any more weapons
of mass destruction. The beach balls were enough. The next one is a JJ Abrams reference so we
won’t spend too much time on it because it’s banned here. Thank you, JJ. Yeah this video is falling apart. Honestly, there were many other great submissions,
like console player Warframe, snek Warframe or uh hockey puck Warframe but to be fair
all of this pales in comparison to the real future winner of the Warframe design contest,
a Waframe created by seven whole people. Maybe Z people. I don’t know. It’s hard to read. It doesn’t matter. I am pleased to present the new Warframe Warframe: please welcome: Bob and if anyone survived being exposed to perfection,
here is an HD version