Essential Elements – The Effective Use of Paraprofessionals

hello my name is Tonya Brewer a
consultant with the Indiana IEP Resource Center welcome to the essential elements
video on the effective use of paraprofessionals the objective of this
video is to provide guidance to administrators and teachers on how to
effectively use paraprofessionals to support special education students let’s
start by defining the role of the paraprofessional while the specific job
responsibilities of paraprofessionals may differ depending on the needs of the
students article 7 defines paraprofessional as an individual who
works under the supervision and direction of licensed teachers or
related service personnel to assist in areas that relate to personal social and
instructional needs according to article 7 the term paraprofessional includes but
is not limited to the following instructional or program assistance
school bus monitors interpreters note-takers and job coaches
responsibilities of paraprofessionals may include assisting with transitions
to class providing physical behavioral or emotional support assisting with
organization and/or academic skills monitoring and collecting data and
promoting generalization of skills in order to ensure positive relationships
between the teacher and paraprofessionals it is important to
provide extensive information paraprofessionals must have an
understanding of their role and how they will be supported the expectations for
paraprofessionals teachers and students need to be clearly defined
paraprofessionals must receive information on the students with whom
they will be working for example they need to have knowledge of the students
current ability level the accommodations that a student
receives his or her annual IEP goals and his or her behavior intervention plan if
applicable it is recommended to develop a reciprocal communication plan teachers
may schedule face-to-face morning or afternoon meetings use a communication
notebook or simply add notes to the daily schedule to share successes and
challenges it is essential that paraprofessionals are included in
professional learning opportunities in order to be most effective pair
professionals must have a basic understanding of the following special
education a positive supportive learning environment instructional strategies to
promote active learning prompting hierarchy progress monitoring and
behavior management paraprofessionals when provided with support and training
are invaluable members of the school community it is the responsibility of
administrators and teachers to promote their success if you have questions
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