COVID-19 VS FLU, and PETS! IMPORTANT information to prevent coronavirus! Social distancing!

today I’m going to talk about three things one sub statistic information about copied 19 to comparison with flu 3 if this Kobe 19 is safe for our dear loving pets one miracle at time stay tuned hello everyone this is your girl Mia if this is your first time on this channel thank you so much for stopping by I am stage 4 cancer worrier and I’m currently in the battle and this YouTube channel is about helping you to be inspired and motivated I want to be your miracle muse somebody who empowers you in your life and hopefully be the possibility for your healing to show your support please like this video and hit subscribe now today I’m going to talk about some core information about Kobe 19 which pre-existing conditions are more vulnerable and what’s the differences between Kobe 19 and flu and how it’s gonna go into impact our pets if they can get the virus from us or if they can give us the virus I’m sharing this information so you can be prepared but not to panic but also not to take this too lightly so don’t panic if you about the toilet papers bring that back as this is a novel virus there’s so much unknown so I’m researching daily basis and try to let you know the up-to-date information where I’m taping this right now all of the information that I’m giving you is from articles or reports and I’ll share the links in the descriptions for now there are two hundred and forty two thousand and ninety two cases who are confirmed among the confirm 9000 and 842 died and eighty four thousand nine hundred and sixty two recovered based on the johns hopkins website because this is such a new virus nobody has immune to it meaning the entire human population is prone to infection Kobe 19 is primarily spread via respiratory droplets when people cough and sneeze common symptoms begin 2 to 14 days after exposure they include fever tiredness dry cough shortness of breath sore throat headache muscle pain or joint pain chills vomiting and nasal congestion among those symptoms when you have fever or muscle pain you need to take it more seriously you already saw a lot of images of Colonel iris how they have spiked proteins the virus enters the body through the mouth nose or eyes then attach to cells in the airway that produce a protein called AC II some people think the corona virus is similar to flu so I prepared this chart as you can see curve in 19 is more contagious than flu also the incubation time is a lot longer it means you have up to 13 more days than flu to spread the virus and up to the double amount of people and when it’s only 2% of people hospitalized with flu it’s nearly 20% of people get hospitalized with Kobe 19 and the fatality rate of flu is 0.1% but it’s one to three point four percent for Kobe 19 some say the National shut down is overreacting but it’s a knive way to think at this time you probably heard a lot of times already how we need to flatten the curve and I’ll share this great video explaining what’s the exponential growth and how pandemic works I think everybody should check it out most of those symptoms are usually mild and about 80% of people who get the virus usually recovered without needing any special treatment however about 1 in 6 patients become seriously ill and develop breathing difficulties so if you’re over 60 or if you have immunocompromised diseases such as chronic respiratory disease cancer heart disease diabetes you should be really careful but it doesn’t mean it’s always mild for young adults who doesn’t have any underlying disease out of the 500 and a Colonel Byers patients known to have been hospitalized in the u.s. 38 percent were between 20 and 54 years old French deputy Health Minister Jerome Solomon said it’s true that if you’re older you’re at greater risk but serious cases can also happen in relatively young people with no prior conditions really good news is that Kobe 19 is pretty mild for children there’s no ICU admissions or death were reported among people younger than 20 years old in America there was one case that eight months old infant has positive but the infant is in good condition according to an article so don’t worry too much for your kids but they still need to be current in to slow down the spread then how about our pets can we get the virus from them newly updated infectious disease experts CBC and animal health organizations report there’s no evidence at this point that pets become ill from Kobe 19 the pets spread it to other pads or death had spread to people and there are two key types of surfaces one is non-porous and smooth surfaces such as countertops doorknobs tables handles and so on and the other is porous surfaces such as pet fur clothing paper money or anything fibrous emajor it’s much more likely to transmit the virus via a non-porous surface than a porous surface okay the next question can we give the virus to our pets the Hong Kong pet dog that was tested for kernel virus has died two days after he was released from quarantine but because the owner declined an autopsy the cause of death couldn’t be determined but the dog was 17 sold and the doll was released after further tests produced negative results although there’s no evidence of Sharon Coby 19 between human and Pat’s the world organizations for animal health has cautioned that it’s still recommended the people who are sick with could be nineteen limit contact with a companion and other animals until more information is known about the virus this current in could have been so much worse for me if I didn’t have goofy with me also it can be a great opportunity to have more valuable time with your family and your pets and I hope you to give a lot of love and stay safe as a stage-four cancer patient I live with this facing death situation daily basis so I take this time as a chance to reflect myself and I’m focusing on my personal growth we all want to go out we all want to do whatever we want to do nobody wants to be quarantined and it can be the loneliest time for us but it would be beautiful if it can be more supportive each other and follow the rules to slow down this pandemic and take this time as an opportunity to look back ourselves and evolve how are you doing yourself please sure if you current in yourself or not and how you’re holding on in to comment down below so we can be the apocalypse partners thank you so much for checking out this video and if you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up and hit subscribe it would be so helpful for my cancer journey and also it’s gonna give me so much of strength to get through this apocalypse thanks for watching Bisou Koby 19 is primarily spread via respiratory droplets [Music]