“Because im the Juggernaut” LMAO – TOO FUNNY ***Giveaway***

Oh I got some joking up for you to want
some depo what’s up y’all today’s episode I’m
going to be playing call of duty modern warfare multiplayer and for the first
time I’m gonna try to get a juggernaut I’ve never tried to get a jerk enough
before but I’m like I’m gonna get one but also for those people who are
brand-new please like and subscribe if you a chance to win a console of your
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minutes I’ll explain how you can get a chance to win a console absolutely for
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baby longshot alright but now I literally did
a five but anyway I literally just gave away five I did a drawing for five
consoles winners to pick between a PlayStation 4 Xbox one ness or Nintendo
sweet again as you all rules on how to exercise for them we put the free
console giveaway just watch the end of this movie I mean watch the show oh you got me was they getting ready to
get on there he came back my foot with this problem and teammate just kidding
do you just get on the bed I’m gonna come back all right just what make my
run I got to double I’m gonna get a juggernaut I promise y’all don’t say I’m a little
bit risk I got nine kills all right I’m third
why there we go since you go I’m gonna put since you gonna up here I’m gonna
hold down this file I guess I’m gonna try to get a Jurgen knife I just laugh
about Kampai all right there we go
she said of Martin yeah he’s a Marco Marco I’m gonna get out oh you got the
veto yeah I’m gonna let it do his work I’m gonna
get a jerking on bitch there’s another one there’s another one
Oh No Oh papi oh now I think I got your hey don’t
shoot me you’re gonna owe that boy so sweet everybody’s gonna die everybody’s gone got the 40 bomb 41 kills gone back
though and in fact that yeah we’re back up to 41 12 whoo todos don’t get it did
not say I was gonna get it I’m in alright talk again thanks for watching I
appreciate your plug ma’am in I told you I was on giddy but
anyway I’m about to go ahead and explain the rules if you want to be a umm
alright here we go let me focus alright so for those people
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if you need anything but thanks again for watching my content and I’ll let you
guys later peace