A Billion People Practicing Emotional Intelligence

We think that the world would be a
better place if a billion people practicing skills the skills of emotional intelligence. We we connect with ourselves and each
other. We would be able to respond instead of reacting. and we would solve the problems
at home, at work, in our communities. So we are building a global network of people to do that. To practice these skills with a scientific basis and transformational learning and we want you to be part of it. We need to learn how to change. And we need to learn how we can support people to change. So we’re talking about a more trusting world,
a place where people are more committed to getting along The focus would shift from Things to People… …and we’ll all get along better and work better together. If a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence then they will feel more connected they would then be more balanced themselves and thereby provide more energy, positive
energy for all. We will be able to have more flow
of our emotions and to connect with each other
in such a way that our integrity rings true. l we can make those human interactions much better it would help breed optimism and trust thereby breaking down the barriers to allow people to have authentic
communication and collaboration It’ll give us peace and harmony and and share with the world to make it a better place and make a difference. We need to focus creating an emotionally intelligent world. I’ve been committed to that for 45 years That kind of purpose as a human being, you feel like you are living that purpose to actually create and do – solve problems! and we’ll be able to live a life where
what we believe, and what we do are in synch with each other. There would be more laughter and fewer tears. As we become more and more aware of the practicality and purpose of the tools that we can learn, that we will change the world. Join us! www.6seconds.org