1-Beginning Research ENGL 1101

Hello everyone! This is beginning
research directed mostly for English 1101, but it could be for anyone. I hope
you’re all doing well. This is Betsy from Roberts library at Dalton State College.
You need to prepare for doing a research paper, so before I get started you may
want to refresh your memory about what the assignment is what topic you’ll be
exploring and what kinds of materials your professor requires you to use. I’m
going to be looking at the research guides and finding the one here for
English 1101 that I prepared, and you can see that there are tabs at the front of
the guide or at the top of the guide that talk about different aspects of
research. We’re starting here with getting organized and I’ll be just
talking about a few boxes on each page of this guide. One of the things that
I already mentioned was getting organized and thinking about your
assignment, and if you are permitted to choose your own topic another box on
this page that might be helpful is this one with links to different news sources
that might help you get ideas for different topics to explore. We’re going
to go to background information and talk a little bit about what that means and
what kinds of things you can find. Background information is how you
prepare yourself to begin your research and how you wrap your head around a
topic. Who what where when why how. It helps you to Center attention on your
topic and it may help you to find a focus for your research paper or
presentation. So where do you usually begin research? Wikipedia? Okay, that’s
fine. Wikipedia, I really mean it! Wikipedia is fine use to help you
understand, and maybe find a narrower focus for your topic,
and maybe find some good links to other sources. Just don’t quote or cite
Wikipedia. For example, dogs is a good topic for research, but it’s kind of
broad. You may want to think about narrowing your topic to perhaps dog
training, and within this particular article you might find more specific
focuses. For example, how dogs learn, and training methods, and perhaps specialized
training for working dogs. So, that one Wikipedia article can be very helpful.
But, if you don’t feel comfortable using Wikipedia, I have other ways to do
background research up here that I’ve outlined. So what I would like you to do
now is take a moment to find background information about a topic. If you just
want to go with dogs or dog training that’s fine. Use Wikipedia or one of the
other methods that I describe here and see how you do with this.